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A Reusability Mark Has Been Set For Suborbital Spaceflight by New Shepard

A Reusability Mark Has Been Set For Suborbital Spaceflight by New Shepard

New Shepard launch

On December 11 2019, New Shepard vehicles lifted NS-12 Suborbital mission. This was the 1st flight in more than seven months and it is inching close to developing flight that will ferry people to the  lower part the of space

This New Shepard launch took place at 12:53 PM Texas time, this was delayed due to bad atmospheric condition and in 10 minutes, the flight had reached a height of 104.5 kilometers whereby the vehicle propulsion module and the crew capsule landed separately and peaceful.

This type of flight was the 6th one where the propulsion and the crew capsule land separately which is the best record for the company.  Another New Shepard propulsion module flew five missions before it worn out and now is used in a series of flights.

New Shepard payloads include NASA experiments, which were eight in number to determine the chances of flights to access to suborbital vehicles. The other experiments came from the University of Florida, which aimed at studying the gene expression on plants during microgravity to the orbital syngas Commodity Augmentation reactor or OSCAR and experiment from Kennedy Space Center, which tests changing waste into a mixture of gases

Other payloads were more academicals in nature and include; two student art projects selected in a competition run by Blue Origin and rock band OK Go. On top of these experiments was, thousands of postcards were carried in the vehicle, which was submitted through a Club for the Future, which is a non-profitable organization that encourages students to pursue science and engineering courses.  These postcards are returnable to students after the flight lands. 

At the beginning of the year, the company officials had a desired to fly people to space by the end of this year, Chief executive of Blue Origin said this but this was not achieved. The mission to fly people to space failed because this was the first flight since May and the company had moved towards small flights.

The chief executive said SF conference on Oct 2 that he will not put pressure on the innovator and other people in the team because 2019 has already ended and there is more they can do. The company said during the launch that it had tried at least two flights without people before trying with people but there is hope that the company will meet its target on the day.


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