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Iran Issue more than 1,000 Licenses to the Cryptocurrency Miners

The Iran Ministry of Trade, Mine & Industry, has issued over 1,000 licenses to crypto miners. The ministry has begun to regulate the sector in the country. IBENA reports that the newly formed Finance Tribune shall be in charge of implementing the rules and regulations. The tribune shall also be

Two satellites to carefully avoid a 32,800 mph crash on Wednesday over Pittsburgh

On Wednesday evening (29 January), two redundant spacecraft will whisk past each other over Pittsburgh at 32,800 mph (14.7km / second) in the atmosphere. The disposal could threaten spacecraft around the planet if the two satellites collided. It will almost fail: Leo Labs, the predictor satellite tracking agency, said they’d travel 50

Global Contact and Convective Dryers Market 2019 Top Companies Kilburn Engineering, Andritz Gouda

A new market research study, titled Global Contact and Convective Dryers Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024 which provides detailed coverage of the Global Contact and Convective Dryers Market product industry and main market trends. Backed by extensive first-hand surveys with major stakeholders in the industry, the report has collected the information through primary and detailed secondary…
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NASA seeks for means to keep Artemis on track regardless of the outcome of the budget

As the appropriations of the 2020 fiscal years approach its endgame, the leadership of NASA states that it will look for means to maintain efforts to take back humans to the moon by the year 2024 on track even after the agency fails to get all the financing it has requested.  The appropriations committee leaders…
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Modernize Renewable Energy Regulations

Climate change has become a major problem in the United States. Hence, Americans are looking for ways to cut down on waste and reduce carbon consumption. One of the ways has been the use of renewable energy. This has become a critical part of energy portfolios in the   United States. The Public Utility Regulatory…
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Next month, SpaceX scheduled to launch Mighty Mice, Wild Physics as well as More to Space Station

The next resupply liftoff of SpaceX to International Space Station, anticipated for December 4, is going to bring a host of the science equipment to astronauts who live and work on the orbiting laboratory.  The flight named CRS-19 will mark SpaceX 19th mission under its commercial resupply of cargo services deal with NASA. Launch is…
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A Reusability Mark Has Been Set For Suborbital Spaceflight by New Shepard

New Shepard launch On December 11 2019, New Shepard vehicles lifted NS-12 Suborbital mission. This was the 1st flight in more than seven months and it is inching close to developing flight that will ferry people to the  lower part the of space This New Shepard launch took place at 12:53 PM Texas time, this…
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Developing a Planet B for Human Being is not a good reason for space exploration 

The would-be space explores are discussing developing Planet B for human beings just in case a disaster erupts from our planet earth.  Kathryn Denning, an anthropologist at York University in Canada, who majors on the crossroads of space exploration, humanity and ethics stated that the kind of ideas space explores have, is a weird narrative,…
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India cites a problem with Braking Thrusters after admitting its moon lander crashed

India has eventually announced officially that the nation’s long silent Chandrayaan-2 moon lander did crash on the moon’s surface in September because it had some brakes issues.  In the latest details, about the Indi’s moon landing attempt on September 6, the government of India has unveiled that the Vikram craft landed hard on the lunar…
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First Core stage of the New Space Launch System Mega rocket shown off by NASA Chief

The administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine bragged about the finished core stage of the pioneer Space Launch System spaceship during an event of news that held on December 9, 2019. The event happened at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility that is located in New Orleans. This is where the main stage of the spaceship launched the…
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